About Us

Excellence in data protection from specialists not generalists

Who we are

Tenjin is a specialist data protection and information governance consultancy and training provider. Tenjin supports clients in all sectors, but is particularly known for its work in the Education, Business and Charity & Social Enterprise sectors.

Formed in 2018 by a leading data protection lawyer, and two IT Directors (one at a leading independent school, the other at a law firm), today, Tenjin is powered by a team that all have specialist qualifications in Information Law and either a law degree or IT qualification.

Our team is passionate about the sectors it supports and has years of experience supporting education, charity and business sectors. This means that we already know the landscape in which you operate like the back of our hand and can provide a far more efficient and cost effective service than a “one size fits all” data protection service provider.

What does “Tenjin” mean?

Tenjin: In the Shinto religion of Japan, Tenjin  is the revered god of intellectual prowess, scholarship, and of learning. In Japan today, shrines to Tenjin have become essential aspects of life, and spiritual hubs of inspiration and wisdom.

This sums up our values at Tenjin; our service hub of data protection excellence delivered by a highly qualified team, and an unswerving commitment to our clients.

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