Data Protection & GDPR for School Nurses and Medical Centre Support Staff

Built by both data protection lawyers and School Nurses, this module not only explains the GDPR basics but also covers specific challenges facing the School Nurse such as how to handle or resist a “robust” request to share pupil or staff medical information with senior school staff or HR, the new GDPR consent rules, the requirement to segregate medical information and to prevent access to it, joint provision of services with 3rd parties such as a local NHS GP practice, the RCN Toolkit for School Nurses and more.
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Course Description

Data protection & GDPR for School Nurses and Medical Centre Staff  has been developed by data protection lawyers and School Nurses, specifically for school nursing staff including both RCN registered nurses, matrons and other non – RCN registered health professionals and medical Centre support staff. School nursing staff handle “high risk” personal data and any breaches of data protection law involving this sort of information are more likely to result in severe enforcement action by the ICO and civil claims for compensation. Nurses are already subject to professional duty of confidentiality but data protection & GDPR imposes further obligations.

What's Covered?

  • How the UK’s new data protection law applies to the processing of health data by school nursing staff;
  • The security measures which the school should provide for school nursing records (digital and manual records) and the requirement to ensure that medical information is segregated and not routinely accessible by other school staff including on the pupil database;
  • Communicating medical and health data securely by telephone, email, fax and post;
  • The data protection rules that apply over and above the professional and ethical duty of confidentiality;
  • The data protection issues associated with the joint provision of medical services with a 3rd party such as a local NHS GP practice;
  • The RCN Toolkit for School Nurses;
  • How long should health and medical records be retained by the school?
  • Identifies the tripwires which school nursing staff contend with and how to avoid them such as:
    • Do I need to encrypt emails used to send medical information?
    • When do I need consent to share medical information with other staff in school or refer to external agencies such as CAHMS?
    • Does the GDPR require me to “take down” lists of students with specific illnesses and disabilities from the wall?
    • How often does GDPR require me to update contact details and medical information held?
    • I’m being asked to share details of a confidential consultation with a pupil with another senior member of staff, can I do this or do I need to obtain the student’s consent?
    • Can a student provide legally valid consent for their health information to be shared with others or is parental consent needed? What are the new GDPR rules relating to consent and how do they affect us?
  • Links to key school documentation including your Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy;
  • Recognising and handling the exercise of individual legal rights such as the right of subject access, the right to object to certain types of processing and the right of erasure of personal data.
  • Handling data protection related complaints;
  • Recognising and reacting to a personal data breach – the new rules that are engaged when a breach involves medical or health related information;
  • And more ….
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Course Content

Course length
30 mins
Data Protection and GDPR in School
Module Code
School Nurses including RCN registered health professionals, Matrons and other non-RCN registered health professionals, School Medical Centre Support Staff. DSLs and DDSLs may also benefit from this module.
Post Foundation Level
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