Data Protection & GDPR for Teachers

Built by both teachers and data protection lawyers, this essential module for teachers at all levels including TAs and trainees, will quickly bring you up to speed with new UK data protection law as it applies specifically to you. The content is the result of years of advising schools including when they’ve suffered a personal data breach. It covers the typical data protection tripwires specifically faced by staff working in the classroom and answers the burning data protection queries that teachers ask.
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Data Protection & GDPR for Teachers

Course Description

Data Protection and GDPR for Teachers is aimed at teachers of all levels to quickly bring them up to speed with how UK data protection law applies to them. As the “beating heart” of the school teachers routinely handle personal information all of the time, both within and away from school and from an array of different electronic devices. Because this module has been built by both data protection lawyers and teachers, it swiftly gets to grips with helping teachers understand when and how data protection rules are engaged specifically for them. Learning is far more efficient because you won’t be confronted with time wasting and irrelevant content. This module identifies the common (and not so common) data protection “tripwires” that teachers face: how do I recognise and handle a Subject Access Request? I’ve emailed personal data to the wrong person, what do I do? Can I share pupil information with someone outside the school? What exactly counts as a data breach and what should I do if I see or suspect one? Can I refuse a request for a copy of a pupil reference? Do I really need consent to post a pupil image on Facebook? What is encryption and when does the law expect me to encrypt data? Not for you? We have dozens of different data protection modules catering for different job roles in school. Explore the Tenjin Course Directory.

What's Covered?

  • The key aspects of data protection law that teachers need to know;
  • Data protection “tripwires” that teachers face;
  • Answers the data protection burning questions teachers often ask;
  • Identifies the ways in which teachers usually breach data protection law and how to avoid them;
  • Sharing pupil information with other staff in school and third parties outside school;
  • Working from personally owned devices and away from school;
  • Links to key policies including your Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy;
  • Key take away data protection messages.
Course length
30 mins
Data Protection and GDPR for Teachers
Module Code
Teachers, Trainee Teachers and Teaching Assistants
Learners should ideally have successfully completed the Data Protection and GDPR in School - Foundation Level (DP01i), or equivalent before doing this module.
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