Adaptable Role Based Learning

Tenjin reject “one size fits all” GDPR learning and replace it with superior sector-based and role-based learning. It works.

Built by Leading Information Lawyers

Developed by leading information lawyers that live and breathe information law.

Built for compliance with GDPR

The content is designed to help you comply with not just GDPR but also the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).

Adaptable Role-Based Learning

At Tenjin, we rejected the “one size fits all” approach to online learning and replaced it with superior sector-based and role-based digital training. Put simply, our training is built specifically for your sector. We work in the education Sector, the Charity and Social Enterprise Sector (CHSE) and Business Sector. But more than that we also offer role-based training. i.e. training that reflects the way in which your staff handle personal data. Tenjin GDPR training is specifically built to reflect the high standards reflected in ICO guidelines on GDPR training. It also gives your organisation the confidence that staff know what they need to know.

We also build fully bespoke training modules for our clients.

If you are a school you can choose from multiple role modules including teachers, development and fundraisers, school nurse, admissions registrar, IT support, safeguarding leads, procurement staff and more.

Built by Leading Information Lawyers

Training content is continually refreshed to reflect changes in law including the forthcoming changes to UK data protection law brought about by Brexit. (i.e. the new UK GDPR). When it comes to processing personal data in an education, CHSE or business setting, we know where the tripwires and flash points are and our training will ensure your staff do too. Understanding where the risks lie is the key to reducing your organisation’s risk profile.

Built to help you comply with the GDPR and ICO training recommendations

Tenjin meets 3 critical objectives.

1. It helps you comply with the UK GDPR (but we also offer training on the EU GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

2. It minimises the likelihood of your staff being the cause of a data breach and

3. It has been purpose-built to meet the ICO’s recommendations for staff data protection training. The ICO looks for training that is role-based rather than one size fits all.

(Tenjin has multiple modules for different roles;) assessment-based as opposed to simply watching a video, Powerpoint or lecture. (Tenjin modules include a mandatory assessment which staff must pass;) reviewed to ensure content remains accurate. (Tenjin content is continually refreshed by leading Information Lawyers in the education sector;) tracked. (Tenjin allows you to record training completed, track progress and report on statistics.) Finally, ICO recommends mandatory initial training followed by annual refresher training. (Tenjin refreshes content continually and poses fresh assessments.)

How does Tenjin work in practice?

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