How Tenjin Works

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It’s an annual subscription service with a difference. You control the elements of the subscription and the costs.

Choose between the Basic, Standard or Premium Subscription.

Here is a brief overview:

The Basic Subscription  includes the Data Protection Foundation module. This is designed for all staff that have access to personal data. i.e. all your staff. (There are different versions depending on whether you are a state school, Academy or an independent school). (1 module in total)

The Standard Subscription includes the Foundation Module plus the Teachers Module plus the Support Staff Module. (3 modules in total)

The Premium Subscription includes all of the modules within the Standard Subscription plus any of the Specialist Modules. E.g. the School Nurse Module or The Development and Fundraising Module. (3 modules plus any of the Specialist Modules)

You can find out more information about the modules, their content and duration here.

So, we know that data protection training isn’t going to be the most popular pastime. But, just like safeguarding training, it needs to be done. Tenjin’s training is meaningful, effective, relevant and painless.

Each module comprises individual bite-sized chunks so staff can dip in and dip out at their convenience. They don’t have to complete the module in a single sitting.

Our quick start videos help staff quickly get to grips with how the training works.

Yes. Each section includes a simple knowledge check. The module ends with a short test. Staff that pass the test get a certificate. By requiring staff to pass a test, the training immediately becomes more meaningful and will carry more weight.

The amount you’ll pay depends on two factors. 1. The number of users. i.e. staff that will be using the platform, and 2. The type of subscription you choose. i.e. Basic, Standard or Premium.

As a guide, costs start from £450 pa for the Basic Subscription (based on 15 users). Costs for the Standard Subscription start from £900 pa (based upon up to 30 users). Costs for the Premium Subscription start from £1500 pa (based upon up to 30 users).

If you have more than 30 staff, the cost increases on a marginal basis, i.e. there is a small additional fee for each additional user over 30.

To request a quotation simply call us or email us if you prefer and we can give you a clear price.

Under GDPR, the School has a legal obligation to take organisational steps to protect personal data (data security) and demonstrate how it complies with the rules (The Accountability Principle.)

How will Tenjin help you comply with these two legal obligations?

Firstly, you can be confident that through Tenjin, your staff are trained to a sensible basic standard. The content is kept up to date with developments in the law because it is written by specialist data protection lawyers that work with schools. Tenjin’s main objective is to deliver training that is relevant to your staff. Why? Because training that is relevant is more enjoyable and more likely to be remembered.

Secondly, through Tenjin, you will have evidence of which staff have successfully completed the training and those that have not. This allows you to chase up “reluctant” staff and ensure that they complete the training. This helps you comply with the Accountability Principle.

Beyond this, through Tenjin’s powerful reporting features you can detect trends. E.g. Tenjin will tell you about specific topics within the training that staff coped well with and those they struggled with.

Yes. Tenjin incorporates powerful monitoring and reporting features. “Group Leaders” can monitor the progress of learners, identify and chase up those that have not completed the training, see who has passed the test and their scores and identify key trends. This data can be viewed online or downloaded in spreadsheet form for internal reporting purposes.

All of this helps you comply with GDPR’s Accountability Principle.

By making our training relevant to the role being performed in school, the messages become more interesting, relevant and memorable. Memorable training translates into fewer breaches. Messages are accompanied by examples that are relevant to your school and are based on “real world” situations which your staff are likely to encounter.

  1. Tenjin training is written specifically for schools and no one else.
    • Your modules will appear complete with your school’s crest/logo. Your own data protection policies and Privacy Notices are integrated into the training as well.
  2. The content is written by specialist data protection lawyers that specialise in the education sector. Content is continually refreshed to reflect not only changes in the law but also the way the law is being enforced against schools. We keep a constant eye on case law.
  3. Tenjin is not “one size fits all”
    • Independent schools are provided with different modules to state schools and academies. Why? Because they process personal data in different ways and there are differences in the way the law applies.
  4. Adaptive, role-based training
    • Our Foundation Module ensures that all of your staff are trained to a common sensible standard.
    • The Teachers Module and the Support Staff Module build on the Foundation Module but in a way that is relevant to the role. They focus sharply in on those trip wires that staff performing these roles actually face in practice.
    • Key staff that need enhanced training such as the School Nurse, those in the Development Office or Alumni Office etc. can do the Specialist Modules. We are not aware of any other online data protection training provider that provides this.
  5. Online training that is more flexible and cost-effective than face to face training.
    • Avoids the need to offer face to face sessions for non-attenders.
  6. Cost effective
    • We have bench-marked our costs against other online training for schools to ensure that Tenjin is competitively priced.
  7. Powerful functionality
    • Monitor staff progress and see which staff have successfully completed the module
    • Analyse trends
    • Identify staff that have not done the training and send reminders.
  8. VLOGS
    • In addition to the modules, we communicate important developments to you through VLOGS and Updates. These can be communicated to key staff on a need-to-know basis. This means you aren’t kept in the dark until the next release of our modules.

The ICO recommends that data protection training should consist of mandatory initial training followed by annual refresher training.*

*Source – ICO website, 2019

This means that new starters should receive mandatory training before they gain access to systems and records. It should be refreshed annually, in much the same way that you deliver safeguarding training.

Tenjin updates content regularly.

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