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Data Protection & GDPR In an Independent School - iLP


Data Protection and GDPR in an Independent School

Data Protection and GDPR in an Independent School is an accessible and concise module that can be used as part of your induction programme for new starters or as a refresher for existing staff. It covers all of the basics so staff can confidently begin handling personal information faster and safer.

Everyone working in a school, regardless of their role or seniority, will see or handle personal data. UK data protection law requires the School to ensure that staff know how to handle personal information safely and in a way that respects peoples’ privacy rights.

What’s Covered?

  • Recognising when and how data protection rules are engaged in school;
  • The School’s legal obligations under UK data protection law;
  • The critical role each member of staff plays in keeping the school data protection compliant;
  • Identifies common “tripwires” around the school and teaches staff to handle personal data securely and in line with the law;
  • Recognising a personal data breach and what to do about it;
  • Links to key policies including your Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy;
  • Key take away data protection messages.


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1098 students enrolled
SUBJECT:Data Protection and GDPR in School
LEARNERSAll staff, teachers, support staff, governors, contractors, interns, volunteers, visiting music teachers, sports coaches, supply teachers
LEVEL:Introductory - Induction - Onboarding
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Table of Contents


Introduction 3 minutes

What is Data Protection? 7 minutes

Data Protection Law - The Basics 8 minutes

Individual Legal Rights 3 minutes

What Happens If Data Protection Law Is Breached? 5 minutes

Take Away Messages 4 minutes